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A delightful learning tool for connecting letters of the alphabet to their sounds. At an early age, my children learned the alphabet through music and were enthusiastic to put letters, sounds and words together. They quickly developed a love for reading. At ages 5 and 6, they are avid readers and their appetite for reading continues. I truly believe that the Letter Sound Song gave them the foundation and passion for reading. Thank you for this fun and interactive tool!

- Shafina -


As a regular parent volunteer in two of Mr. Newman’s junior kindergarten classes, I was able to witness first-hand the magic of the Letter Sound Song. I saw dozens of young students quickly learn the alphabet, the sound that each letter makes, how to identify upper-and-lower case letters and then translate this knowledge into early reading skills…all while having fun, being engaged and building self-confidence. Both of my boys were able to start reading successfully before they turned four, and I believe this was very much a result of how much they enjoyed learning the alphabet through the Letter Sound Song. I, and more importantly both of my children, highly recommend the Letter Sound Song!

- Karen -


The Letter Sound Song helped greatly when learning my ABC’s, and was a fun way to engage young students. It’s a simple song to learn, and intrigues children with the objects mentioned.

- Julie -


The Letter Sound Song is a song I can remember 15 years after learning it in Mr. Newman’s Kindergarten class. For anyone who needs a good way to teach their children the alphabet, the Letter Sound Song is the way to go. Take it from me, I’ve had it in my head for 15 years!

- Austin -


We, as a kindergarten team, absolutely LOVE the Letter Sound Song. The kids love the motions that go along with the song. It helps them to remember what sound the letter makes. We love the music and how upbeat the video is. My students look forward to hearing the song each and every day. It is such a great learning tool, and we are so thankful we found you! Thanks again for helping our students succeed!!

- Ramla -


I found the Letter Sound Song program to be an excellent resource for my JK/SK students. I posted the letter frieze around the room, and students often used it when trying to figure out letter/sound relationships during independent writing activities. I also used the DVD as a whole group activity as we learned the actions together with the catchy tune. Even my most challenged students enjoyed learning the sounds and actions. I sent the booklets home, along with a DVD for those students who needed extra exposure and practice. The resources were easy to use with students at various levels of development. In my 17 years of experience as a JK/SK teacher, I found this resource to be more helpful compared to others that were available to me....

- Louise -